Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to Train A Dragon and Applebees

Saturday, Eric and I took Allie, Corbin, Landon, and Mamaw Townsend to eat at Applebees and to the movies! Corbin loves the hot wings at Applebees. He would choose to go to Applebees over McDonald's! The movie - How TO Train A Dragon - was so cute! I think everyone really enjoyed it. We had to get on to Allie during the movie. She is the person who talks non stop during the movie. She is so funny! We had a great Saturday!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gymnastics Party!

Corbin was invited to a gymnastics party today! He had so much fun! I tried to get a couple of good shots, but it is difficult. He is 8 and apparently taking pictures is not on his to do list! The more I bug him - the more he purposely goes where I can't get any good pictures!

Girls Night Out!

Friday night, Eric needed to take Corbin to get new cleats and new baseball bat. so I took Allie and her friend Katie to the Groovy Pad. We met My friend, Melissa and her daughter Katie. The three girls had so much fun! They got their hair done, nails painted, and makeup on! They changed clothes too many times to count! I am glad the girls had so much fun!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday continued

Allie's Birthday party!

I had a hard time deciding where to have Allie's birthday party this year. We decided on Chuck E Cheese. We love Chuck E Cheese - just not on a Sunday afternoon. It was so crowded that they stopped letting people in the doors. Allie and her friends had a great time. I was stressed because you could barely move. Oh, well lesson learned. Allie enjoyed it and that is all that matters. My friend said,"Sometimes you do supid things for your kids!" How true!

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