Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You "Beta"believe it!

Yesterday and today, I have been on a field trip with the Beta Club. We were in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel.

This was an awesome field trip. The kids were great, the chaperones were easy going, and Opryland Hotel is beautiful!

These are iPhone pictures. They do not do the hotel justice. I was in Beta Club myself when I was younger. But I learned so much about the organization at the conference. Their motto is " let us lead by serving others.".

I loved seeing young people proud of being good kids. They were proud they made good grades and were responsible.

Of course, we went to the mall. That was the icing on the cake. Ha!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Since Thanksgiving is approaching, I figured I would write my "thankful' list.

1.  My salvation.  I got saved at 13, and I am so glad that Jesus died on the cross for a sinner like me.

2.  My family.  I need to start telling Eric, Corbin, and Allie everyday how much I love and appreciate them. 

3.  My friends.  I have a handful of friends that I know I could call on any time, and they would drop everything and help me.  I am blessed to know some beautiful women - inside and out.

3.  My job.  Last year, I was seriously thinking about leaving the teaching profession.  I prayed and prayed for God's will.  This year, I am in a small, country school that I absolutely love.  I actually love getting up and going to work. 

4.  My house.  We don't have the biggest and best house, but we have a good house.  We have good neighbors that look out for each other.  We have woods that they kids can build forts in, and trails they can ride their bikes on.

5.  My students.  I have such a good group of 7th graders this year.  They work hard for me and have a great sense of humor. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Oh, my!  This is only Wednesday, but I am exhausted.  I hurt my back Saturday trying to lift something heavy.  So Saturday night, and all day Sunday I was out of commission.  Well, the rest helped heal my back by Monday, but I am so far behind on house work. 

This morning was horrible.  Corbin had no clean jeans, so he wore shorts to school.  Ha.  I had to hunt and hunt for some socks for him.  I had not been to the grocery store, so packing lunch was "whatever you could fine."  I am sure Allie packed brownies, chips, and cookies, and more brownies.

After school, I finally went to the grocery store.  Yea, we have food.  But that put us getting home late, so I didn't go to church.  And I love my church, and I really miss not going.  Eric took the kids so I could wash clothes, wash dishes, etc.  Fun times!

I am really debating getting someone to help me clean the house.  Eric works probably 50-60 hours a week. So I feel bad asking him to help.  He would help, but he works a lot right now.  I have tried to "train" my kids, but they don't clean like I like them to.  Ha!  

Maybe that's what Eric will get me for Christmas.  Someone to clean the house for a WHOLE year.  That would be wonderful.  Eric, if you are reading this post - pretty please!  Ha!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Just Want to Thank You Lord

One of my friends at church sung this song last Sunday.  I just love the lyrics, and Beth did a great job singing it. 

For making the sun to shine, putting the stars in the sky,
For the flowers that bloom, the ocean so blue, thank you Lord.
For the sparrow that sing and makes sweet melody,
For the rivers that flow, the rain and the snow, thank you Lord.

I just want to thank you Lord, I just want to thank you Lord,
For everything you’ve done for me thank you Lord.
I just want to thank you Lord, I just want to thank you Lord,
For making me whole, saving my soul, thank you Lord.

For my whole family, for the joys you’ve given to me,
For the shoes on our feet, plenty to eat, thank you Lord.
For the church where I worship and pray, for the freedoms I have to today,
For your Spirit I feel, presence so real, thank you Lord.

For being a friend so dear, giving my sad heart cheer,
For holding my hand when I could not stand, thank you Lord.
For giving your life for me, on a cross at Calvary,
For taking my place, mercy and grace, thank you Lord.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

What I am loving lately

I am loving skirts, tights, and boots.  They are definitely my go-to winter outfit.  Boots are not cheap, so I try to really take care of mine.  I have tons of skirts that I alternate.  Here are a couple I would like to add to my repertoire.

The first two are from Eddie Bauer.  They might look a little short, but I am petite and I would order the regular so it would be longer on me.  They are on my Christmas wish list.

I love the vibrant colors of the green and blue pencil skirt.  They are from JCrew.  I don't normally shop there because of their prices.  Hopefully, I can find some skirts similar to these.  I think pencil skirts are so lady like. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just call me the Crazy Coupon Lady

This weekend, I have used more coupons than I have used my whole entire life.  Ha!  Remember Eric and I set a budget.  And we are sticking to our budget.  Here is my weekend.

1.  Saturday, my mom gave me two $5 off coupons to a grocery store.  You had to spend $30 to get $5 off.  Which is no problem for us.  I had Corbin and Allie steer one buggy, and I had the other.  So I had the cashier ring up two separate orders and saved $10.  Score!

2.  My kids wanted lunch after the grocery shopping.  So I went to Sonic.  I got Sonic coupons in the mail on Friday.  We had to each have separate orders to use our coupons.  Ha!  But we saved $4.

3.  Allie had gotten Build A Bear reward certificates ($10 each) in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  She had a great report card and tried her best in soccer, so we went to Build A Bear.  I told her I would give her $5 if she needed it.  My girl is a smart shopper.  She decided on a Small Fry and two outfits.  I only had to pay $4.04.  That's the cheapest I have every left the mall.  Go Allie!

4.  Then Corbin wanted a pair of pink football gloves.  Yep, you heard me right.  Pink!?!?  So we
went to Dicks Sporting Goods.  Eric had given me a $10 off coupon a while back. I had forgotten I had the coupon until I got into my car.  I made Corbin and Allie go back in with me to use the coupon.  The cashier gladly took the coupon and gave me back $10.92. 

5.  Since C and A were cooperating and in good spirits, I decided to tackle some Christmas shopping.  I had a $100 gift card from the Disney store.  Somehow I received it after out Disney trip this past summer.  I purchased all 4 of my nieces and one little girl from church Christmas gifts.  I spent NO MONEY.  Winner, winner Chicken Dinner!

6.  Sunday, after church, Eric wanted to go to LJS.  Yep, I had coupons.  I had the cashier ring 3 different orders and saved $ 6.25. 

I used to get so embarrassed when my mom would use coupons. But now, I totally understand why.  My mom was the first person I called to celebrate my victories!  Ha!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Last soccer game and party

It was dark and this is a phone picture. Not the best, but the only one I got.

Soccer ball cupcake cake

Allie with her trophy.

Allie and Sierra

Crazy Anna Beth

Allie and Anna Beth

Allie and Madison

Allie and Madison again!
Allie loves these girls and will miss them so much!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Spiderman was there!

Unleashing a web . .

Alice in Wonderland

Family group picture!

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