Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My precious kids!

I realize all the time that my kids are growing up and changing into little adults. Time just flies by so fast! I love them so much and I am so proud of them!

Dinner Bell

Yesterday, we went out to eat for Allie's birthday. Her birthday is not for 2 more weeks. I guess grandparents celebrate for the whole month! Allie could have picked anywhere to go. She chose Dinner Bell in Sweetwater. Why? Who knows. We all tried to get her to change her mind because we were heading to Knoxville to let her pick her present from the grandparents.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Date Night!

Eric and I finally went out on a date night for Valentine's Day last night. We had so much fun! We have talked forever that we really need to take time and go out - just the two of us. But we are a lot of talk! Eric works a lot of hours, and I have the kids in too much activities! Allie had dance from 4 - 4:45 on Fridays. So I took her to dance right after school. Then I hurried the kids up, Mamaw Charlotte came to get them. We knew we wanted to see two movies, so we just ate at McAlisters. We saw True Grit - which was an excellent

movie. Then we walked around Target until the other movie started. It was my pick - Just Go With It. I love Jennifer Aniston. The movie was so funny! That movie didn't start until 10:30 - so we didn't leave the movie theatre until almost 1:00. Eric was kidding me because that is way past my bedtime. This morning, Eric cooked me breakfast in bed. What a wonderful date night with my hubby!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lunch date with the kids!

Corbin had his cousin, Landon spend the night Friday night. Of course, they got up early Saturday morning. Why is it that during the school week kids are hard to wake up, but not so much on Saturday when you want to sleep in!
Landon left at 11:00 so I loaded up the kids and went to Chilis. We love Chilis! Eric's band had up play that afternoon so he didn't get to enjoy it with us.
After we ate and shopped some, we headed to Corbin's basketball game. His team is playing so great together! I got to babysit Hannah during the game. She is such a good baby.

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