Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School's Out!

School is out for Roane County! My children loved school this year, but they were ready for a break. We went swimming with Landon and Kinsley Monday night. It was so nice! I am looking forward to spending time with Allie and Corbin this summer. They are signed up for FBC summer camp two days a week. We are going to the beach in July! We plan on making several trips to Dollywood this summer! Yeah!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Homerun!!!!!

I will remember May 18, 2010 for a very long time! Corbin hit an inside-the-ball- park homerun!! Her is play by play! He hit the ball to shortstop. The shortstop overthrew the 1st baseman. Corbin kept running to 2nd. The 1st baseman threw to
2nd. But it was a bad throw. The ball went into the outfield. Corbin kept running! He touched 3rd and headed home! I was standing behind homeplate. The look on his face was priceless! He had the biggest smile on his face! He made it home! I was screaming like a maniac the whole time! I ran to the dugout to congratulate him. The players were telling him good job. One player said," Are you crying, Corbin?" Corbin's friend said," Yes, He's happy!" Words cannot explain how happy I was for him! We want him to do his best, but we don't practice every day like some families. This season has been a great season. He has learned so much! I am so proud of him! Of course, Allie has no idea what is going on during the game. She is playing in the sand or running around talking to friends!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Emma and Ava

Today we celebrated my niece's 1st birthday. Emma is getting so big! My sister-in-law's mother is full blooded Korean, and she got them this dresses. Aren't they so cute! I had to take a picture! Happy Birthday Emma!

The pavement won!

I was trying to be a "cool" mom and play Corbin and his friend in Kickball. Remember the days . . . ! They had already scored 2 on me. I was determined to get them. Corbin kicked and was on 2nd base. Jesse kicked over my head. I ran and retrieved the ball. Then I ran to catch him and throw him out. Only, I fell! I fell on my concrete driveway! Yes, it still hurts as much as an adult as it does as a kid. I was so embarrassed! The boys were worried and were so sweet to me. I had to get my friend to doctor me up! Of course, I want a rematch. This time Eric will be on my team. They are going down! Ha! I hope we don't - I mean literally on the concrete this time! Here is what my knees looked like!

Mud Pies

This past Saturday, my children and their friends mad mud pies. Boy, does that bring back memories. It was very messy - but lots of fun! We love our new house! We have room for our children to play outdoors and not be worried about traffic. We also feel very safe in our quist little neighborhood! We are so blessed!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dance Recital

This past Saturday and Sunday, Allie had her dance recital. She is in Ballet 2 and Jazz 2. She did so good! We are so proud of her. She is turning into a beautiful young lady inside and out. I hope she stays this way! She looked so graceful in ballet, and then she shook it in jazz. I look forward to many more recitals in the future. Here are some pictures backstage.

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