Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Spring Break has come and gone! It was a blast! We did not go anywhere, but we had so much fun! Corbin spent the night with friends and had friends over. We went to every park in Roane County! It was so good to see friends we haven't seen in a long time! We enjoyed seeing Cindy, Austin, Addison, and baby Aiden. We loved seeing Mrs. Rayborn and Katie and Tyler. I just wished I would have taken pictures! I only thought is when I took Allie and her friend Katie to Build-a-Bear. Oh well! here are 2 pictures from Spring Break!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New House!

Eric and I are so excited! We found a house - finally! It is a new construction, and it should be finished in 2 weeks. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It also has an unfinished basement - which is exactly what we wanted. We wanted to be able to finish the basement to fit our needs! We plan on putting a TV/game room, another bathroom, bedroom, and maybe a workout room or office! We got a very good price on it! I can't wait to move!

Dance Pictures!

Last week, Allie had dance pictures. She looked so pretty! She had two costume changes - ballet and jazz. I know she would like to take modern and hip-hop, but I can only do so much! Maybe next year .. . . I am so glad that she loves dance as much as I did when I was her age. My mom said that she found some of my old costumes and she would get them together for Allie. I can't wait! She has seem some of my old pictures!

Baseball season 2010

Baseball season is in full swing! Corbin is playing for the Tampa Bay DevilRays. He is playing so good! I am so proud of him! He really seems to understand the game and give 100 percent. That is all that we ask - that he does his best! He is on a good team with awesome coaches! We know this is going to be a great baseball season! Allie is not playing this year because she is too busy with dance! She usually hangs out and goes to the concession stand a lot!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Family Easter Egg Hunt!

This afternoon, we went over to my brother's house for to celebrate! Travis cooked ribs, and they were delicious! I ate entirely too much! I brought baked beans, potato salad, and dinner rolls - thanks Krogers! I also baked a cake with Allie. I got tickled! She let everyone have a piece - but kept saying," We are taking this cake back home with us!" We hid eggs for the children to hunt! It was so much fun!

Easter Service at church!

We had lots of visitors today at church. Which means we had lots of children at church today! The children sang in front of everyone! Which I loved! I also got a great picture of Allie and her best friend, Anna! Both girls looked to pretty!


We had a great Easter! It was beautiful for a change. It seems the last couple of years, Easter has been cold! Allie still loves to pose for pictures. I had to bribe Corbin to stand still for the pictures. Allie also loves to dress and match and all that. Corbin has been over dressing up for a while. He would not wear his jacket I bought him. He would not wear any nice church shoes. I argued for a while - then gave up. Sometimes you have to pick your battles! Anyway, I love both of my children very much! They both looked very nice!

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