Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yeah! We have snow! Lots of snow! Friday was our 2nd snow day - which has become highly unusual in Roane County. My mom called me around 10:00 Thursday night to tell me she had just heard Roane County was closed for Friday. I had just gotten my text alert confirming the news! I screamed, yelled, cheered - which Eric got peeped at me for. I just can't help it! As teachers, we are more excited than the kids when school is called off. Allie and Corbin were already asleep, so they join in my celebration.
We didn't official get any snow until Friday afternoon. But I woke up on Saturday morning to lots of snow! Allie and Corbin are so excited to get out there and play in it. Now, to find something to put them in! When we lived in Virginia, we had lots of snow. So we were prepared with snow boots and snow suits. Of well, they don't care what they have on - as long as they can throw snowballs at each other and me!

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