Sunday, May 9, 2010

The pavement won!

I was trying to be a "cool" mom and play Corbin and his friend in Kickball. Remember the days . . . ! They had already scored 2 on me. I was determined to get them. Corbin kicked and was on 2nd base. Jesse kicked over my head. I ran and retrieved the ball. Then I ran to catch him and throw him out. Only, I fell! I fell on my concrete driveway! Yes, it still hurts as much as an adult as it does as a kid. I was so embarrassed! The boys were worried and were so sweet to me. I had to get my friend to doctor me up! Of course, I want a rematch. This time Eric will be on my team. They are going down! Ha! I hope we don't - I mean literally on the concrete this time! Here is what my knees looked like!

1 comment:

Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

OUCH! And I think you are a cool mom!

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