Saturday, February 12, 2011

Date Night!

Eric and I finally went out on a date night for Valentine's Day last night. We had so much fun! We have talked forever that we really need to take time and go out - just the two of us. But we are a lot of talk! Eric works a lot of hours, and I have the kids in too much activities! Allie had dance from 4 - 4:45 on Fridays. So I took her to dance right after school. Then I hurried the kids up, Mamaw Charlotte came to get them. We knew we wanted to see two movies, so we just ate at McAlisters. We saw True Grit - which was an excellent

movie. Then we walked around Target until the other movie started. It was my pick - Just Go With It. I love Jennifer Aniston. The movie was so funny! That movie didn't start until 10:30 - so we didn't leave the movie theatre until almost 1:00. Eric was kidding me because that is way past my bedtime. This morning, Eric cooked me breakfast in bed. What a wonderful date night with my hubby!

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