Monday, October 17, 2011

Couponing - Extreme and Cooking

Eric always tells me I need a hobby. He has lots of hobbies, and I guess he wants me to get off his back. Ha! So I decided I might try couponing. A couple of girls I work with coupon - so they are giving me pointers. I saved $12.94 the other night at Food City. Which I thought was pretty good. I saved a whole lot at Walgreens,since you can get RR. I used the RR on Moutain Dews and got 3 - 12 packs for under $2.00. My only complaint -it takes time. I do like saving money. I just can't buy products that my family won't use - even if they are free!

I am also trying cooking. Growing up, I never cared or wanted to go into the kitchen and learn anything. Eric makes it look so easy when he cooks. So far, I am pretty good at baking. I can make my Famous muffins - as Allie calls them - cookies, cakes,etc. I did buy a George Foreman Grill today. I look forward to using it. Hopefully, couponing and cooking/baking will be a stress reliever. This school year has been so stressful with all the new evaluations.

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