Monday, February 18, 2013


After reading several blogs and watching Food, Inc, I am trying to cook more at home. We eat out way too much, and it's usually fast food. Not good. Since Eric is convinced I will outlive him, we are both trying to eat better.

1. I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. Shut the front door! They were delicious!
2. Eric made popcorn the old fashioned way. It was definitely better than microwave popcorn.
3. Eric did buy us half a cow so we eat plenty of meat. The cow came from his mom and dad's neighbor and is grass fed.
4. I have almost completely beat my diet pepsi addiction. Yea!
5. I am following these rules:
If its made from a plant, eat it. If its made in a plant, don't. If your great grandmother made it, it's good. More fruits and veggies! No fast food or diet drinks! Ha!

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