Friday, January 14, 2011

Cabin Fever

School has been out all week because of snow, so we were all getting cabin fever. We had made several trips to my brother's house to sled, but in bulky clothing, hair not combed, etc. I had to get out today and actually put on good clothes, do hair and makeup, etc. Eric wanted to go to Lowes to get a couple of things. He is going to start building instruments - guitars and mandolins.
So I headed to the mall. I took my favorite shopping buddy - Allie. Eric said a long time ago, I was creating a monster. I believe it. I had to set a limit for her today. Then she tried to spend my budget for me. I know she is really trying to be helpful - but she is so "not shy." Oh well, the Lord knows what we need and there are sometimes I need her. She is always honest, but she needs to work on being tactful! Ha! I never get taken advantaged of when I am with her. That girl speaks her mind!

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