Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Corbin!

Friday, January 21 was Corbin's 9th birthday. It doesn't seem possible that he is 9 years old. It is also scary that in 2 and 1/2 years, he will be in middle school. Luckily, he will go go the school I teach at - so I can keep an eye on him. Corbin wanted to go play laser tag and eat with friends. So Eric and I picked up 8 boys(2 met us up there), drove them to Knoxville to play laser tag. They played 2 games and had the best time. Their code names were hilarious. After they finished playing, we took them to McDonalds. They were such polite young men. We let them play for a little while in the play center. Yes, we checked the age requirement - it was 3 - 12. Well, this young lady - around 12 years old - hit Corbin in the face and kicked two other boys. They flew out of the play center to tell me. She heard them talking to me and came out. She said,"It was just a darn accident!" Yeah right! Anyway , Eric told the boys they weren't hurt and it was time to leave. My 4 boys watched a movie on the way back. Eric's 4 boys read ghost stories to each other! Ha! Corbin had a wonderful birthday party!

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