Monday, September 3, 2012

That's What Dave Says . . .

Of course, I am referring to Dave Ramsey of The Total Money Makeover.  Eric and I have been talking for years that we were going to set a budget and stick to it.  Well that has been going on for years.  We just waste too much money.  We like to eat out.  We like to buy our kids things.  I know that is normal, but we want to teach our kids some financial responsibility.  Right now, they think - if they want it - just go get it.

I am so afraid that when they get in college or after college, they will spend too much and get into debt.  I know we need to teach them now.  So, we are going to do what Dave says.  We set a budget and are going to stick to it.  We are going to start eating at home more.  We are going to pay off some things and try to pay cash for everything. 

I know what Dave says works.  Before Dave got popular, my brother and his wife did something similar.  Now 3 kids later, they are in a great finanical situation.  Their house and cars are paid off.  If one of them were to lose a job, they would be okay. 

I also have a friend from church that follows Dave's plan.  Every month, she gets cash out at the bank.  When it's gone, they don't go anywhere until the beginning of the month.  She said at first, her husband hated Dave.  Ha!  But now he is on board.

I just know something has to be done.  This weekend alone, I spent $111 at Food City and then $141 at Krogers.  What?!?!  We also ate out some.  It just doesn't add up.  I have decided I am going to write down every penny I spend so I can really see what is going on.  Hopefully, I will update and have lots of great things we have accomplished.  I want to be weird! 

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Cam said...

I'm a huge Dave Ramsey fan! We are currently taking his Financial Peace course through our church and it's awesome. You should totally look it up! Hopefully, by following his plan, we can be completely debt free in about three years!

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