Friday, December 28, 2012

What I'm Learning from my Daughter

Lately it seems, instead of me teaching Allie things, she is teaching me a few lessons.  Here are some of the things I have learned recently.

1.  To have a good time.  Allie is always happy.  I got to talk to her teacher before school got out and her teacher commented that Allie is just a happy -go-lucky-gal.  Her teacher said that Allie talks to everyone and is nice to everyone.  I was so proud to hear this.  I feel like Allie is nice to everyone,but it is so nice when someone else comments on it. 

2.  To let go and move on.  About a month ago, a little boy in her class went out of control.  The teacher had to get everyone out to calm him down.  Allie did not say a word about it.  I ask her every day, " How was school?"  I had another parent tell me.  When I questioned Allie, she said that the boy was special and couldn't help it.  She told me not to worry that the kid liked her.  She was afraid the story would worry me. 

3.  To be content.  Our church has done a lot of mission work for an orphanage in Honduras.  Allie and Corbin's Sunday School class took up donations and money to send them.  I have heard Allie on several occasions tell Corbin to be happy with what he has.  She will say "What if you lived in Honduras and you had to eat molded bread or had no shoes to wear?" 

4.  To take silly pictures of yourself and laugh.  Allie got a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  She told me I could play on it.  I looked at the photo section and saw these two pictures.


Love that sweet girl!  I hope she always stay happy, content, and secure with herself.

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