Saturday, May 5, 2012


I have a confession. I am a crazy soccer mom. You know - the one that yells and screams. I am usually very quiet, but for some reason I go crazy during the games. Even Eric doesn't really yell as much as me. I am going to have to quiet down! Here are a few of my favorite soccer pictures.
I think I will have to get these pictures blown up and framed. The first one - Corbin is giving his friend congrats on scoring. The last one is Allie in motion. She is a scoring machine. Ha!


Michele said...

Hi again! Do you live in Kingston? My husband lived in Kingston for 10 yrs and graduated from Roan Co High School.

Michele :)

Michele said...

We live in Johnson City. He graduated in 1992. Brian's dad was the pastor at First Baptist in Kingston for a long time. We were down there last year for his friend's wedding reception.

PS I'm a teacher too!

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