Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 3 of the Commenting Challenge

Even though I am a teacher and use technology on a daily basis, I struggle with it.  Usually if I have a problem, I ask the students.  They have grown up in a technology- driven era. It is just second nature to them.  I know I shouldn't rely on them that much, but most of them don't care at all to help me.  The one negative to them helping me - they also know how to go around the county's website blocks set up.  Ha!  Which is crazy!

I use Facebook to keep up with old high school friends.  I love looking at all the pictures.  I spend way too much time on Facebook sometimes.  I don't use twitter or Pinterest.  Blogging and Facebook take up too much of my time already.

I have several shopping sites I check daily.  1)Amazon.  I read a lot in the summer, it's just easier to browse and order off Amazon.  2)  Ann Taylor Loft - my addiction to clothes.  3)  Gymboree for Allie and 4) FansEdge for my son Corbin.  I am sure my husband wishes he could block these 4 sites from our home computer! Ha!

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