Thursday, June 14, 2012

Magic Kingdom - Meet the Characters

I have tons of pictures from Magic Kingdom.  I have pictures on my iPhone, my camera, and photo passes that you get at Disney.  It is overwhelming to get the pictures organized.  Ha!  Allie really got into meeting the Disney characters and getting autographs.  Corbin - not so much - but he did hang around for a few.  Sometimes I let Eric take Corbin to ride something while we were waiting.  Sometimes, they would make it back for pictures and sometimes not.  I didn't care.  I know that 10 year old boys really do not care about meeting characters. 

Merida -from the new movie "Brave" - gave Allie a message for Titania from "The Princess and the Frog."  It was "tag, you're it and no tag backs."  Which Allie thought was great!  She could not wait to deliver the message.

These are just a few characters that we meet. I think I enjoyed meeting them as much as Allie.  Ha!

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