Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I can't believe I said yes!

I just transferred to my new school after teaching for 14 years at my old school.  I thought I had learned to say, "No."  I thought I would remember -  always defer to Eric.  Meaning - I will have to check with my husband first.  Then, of course, I could blame him.  Ha! 

Well, another teacher caught me off guard.  I was talking and having a good time after school.  She came up and asked if I would help with cheerleaders.  Betsy - I know you are laughing right now.  Ha!  What did I say?  Of course! 

I did plan on going to most of the games anyway because I knew Corbin would want to.  She is a sweet lady, and the girls are very sweet.  There is only 11cheerleaders on the team.  So I think I will survive.  Most of the hard work is done anyway.  I just have to show up for some practices and to some of the games. 

Now Allie is so excited.  She thinks she can just get on the field with the big girls.  I know I am creating a monster with her.  She is already planning on me coaching her cheer team in middle school. 

Betsy - I knew you would get a kick out of this story! 


Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

Of course I am laughing, but we both have the same problem - we can't say NO!!! I'm sure it will be fun!

Cristi Atchley said...

You will have such a blast! I coached middle school girls cheerleading and loved every second!

How fun! Sometimes you just can't say no, ha!

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