Saturday, August 4, 2012

American Girl

Last Christmas, we got Allie her first American Girl doll and some accessories.  I thought about it before last year, but she didn't really play with her dolls and I didn't want to waste the money.  The American Girl dolls are not cheap, and she usually followed her older brother around and played with him. 

We got her the doll that looked like her - blond hair and blue eyes.  And, she loved it.  We also got her the ballerina outfit and flute.  I wanted the violin, but it was sold out.  Every year, they come out with a new girl.  This year's girl is McKenna - the gymnast.  Hello - the Olympics!  Ha!

With her allowance, Allie ordered McKenna's gymnastic outfit and crutches set.  It is adorable.  I might have been just as excited as Allie.  I have 3 brothers so I loved playing with my dolls when I was younger.  It was so strange that Allie did not seem that interested in them.  I am glad that she is enjoying making up stories about her dolls.  Hopefully, we can save these for her little girls one day!

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