Sunday, August 26, 2012

What we did this weekend

We have had a full weekend of fun.  Corbin had a friend spend the night Friday night.  They were good until they decided to go" ring doorbells and run in our neighborhood."  One of the neighbors saw them and brought them home.  I love my neighbors.  Corbin and his friend were so embarrassed.  We made Corbin walk down to the neighbor's doorbell he rung and ran and apologize.  Lesson learned.

Saturday, we went to the Smoky Mountains and hiked.  This time we hiked the nature trail behind the Sugarland Visitors Center.
Allie found a tree to climb.  She is my adventurous girl!

We made Corbin climb the tree.  He is not adventurous at all.  He does not like to try new things.  He did not like it.  Ha!

We walked across several bridges.

Uncle John's cabin.  My kids are so silly!
It's so hard to imagine that people lived like this so many years ago, and some still do. We are so blessed in America.
This is one reason Eric does not make the blog much.  He acts goofy when I take his picture. 

The highlight of the trip for Eric - seeing a wild turkey. 

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