Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dollywood - again!

We always get Dollywood season passes every year.  It's close to home, and the kids seem to still enjoy going.  Who am I kidding?  Eric loves rollar coasters, so he enjoys going to Dollywood.  I used to love riding rollar coasters, but then I had kids.  Now I am not so keen on the idea of it - I am a big chicken!  Ha!

Since we are on Fall Break this week, I took the kids to Dollywood.  My brother and his wife met us there, and it was a beautiful day.  We saw many other kids/parents we knew from our county.  C and A rode rides with some of them.  So we stayed for a long time - which was ok.  I saw some of my 7th graders.  I am telling you that I have a fabulous group of students this year.  They are so nice and enjoyable.  No hoovers this year!  Ha!   Enjoy the pictures!

Sadly, I only got in one picture.  Can you see Corbin and his basketball photo bombing the picture?  Goofy boy!  Ha!  Gotta love 5th grade boys!

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