Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thank God for unanswered prayers

My friend Jen and I used to sing that Garth Brook's song so much when we were younger.  We both did not marry until late 20's, and we were both so grateful that we did not marry any of our exes!  Ha!

I think only recently did I realized how true the words in this song are.  Eric and I have been married for 12 years this December.  Like any couple, our first couple of years were hard sometimes.  I got pregnant with Corbin three months after we got married.  Then two years later, we had Allie.  So needless to say, we were very busy the first 5 years of our marriage.

I feel so ashamed to admit that I used to give Eric such a hard time.  Bless his heart, it seemed like sometimes he couldn't do anything right.  I remember him saying, " Just tell me exactly how to make you happy."  Ha!  Eric is a down-to-earth country boy and could not understand how I wasn't happy.  We were and still are so blessed.  We have both had good jobs, several houses, and two precious kids.   We were alive and healthy.  What more could you ask?

And then I learned that happiness was a choice.  I did not have to act the way I did. I was making a choice.  Instead of being Negative Nancy, I should start thanking sweet Jesus for all that he has blessed me with.  There are always going to be people with more things, better jobs, and prettier.  If I always compare myself to others, then there is no way I will ever be happy. 

So I started leaning on Eric more instead of pulling away.  Which has made our relationship better.  He is a strong, secure man and wanted me to do that for years.  I eliminated friends that were full of "drama" and always talked badly about their husbands.  I became content with staying home and enjoying my family. 

I still have a long way to go.  I pray each day and thank the Lord for unanswered prayers.  I thank the Lord for saving me, for Eric, for my precious kids, etc.


Cristi Atchley said...

Love this post! <3

Michele said...

I loved reading this. I really appreciate your honesty! :)

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