Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So excited for . . . . .Life by Design

I love following Lisa Leonard Designs Blog, and the other day she announced they are working on a reality show.  I watched the trailer, and I just loved it.  I have always loved biographies and autobiographies that talk about someone's life. I know many people hate that type of genre, but I could always connect about the struggles and successes that people go through.   I guess that's why I love reading blogs. I love blogs and reality shows. 

 My favorite shows are reality TV shows.  Eric can't stand most of what I watch on TV.  It's a good thing we have LOTS of TVS in our house.  Duck Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars are my all time two favorites.   I can't stand Honey Boo Boo!   Is that show for real?! They do and say some CRAZY stuff.  Ha! 

Life by Design is suppose to be about her family.  I can't wait!  Visti her at her blog and link to the trailer.  I promise you will love it.

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