Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bathroom organization help

I really need to redo Corbin and Allie's bathroom.  I have found it hard because they share the bathroom.  Allie wants something really girly - which would not fly with C dog.  Ha!  So I think I will go with neutral and concentrate on organization.  Organization is something they really need.  Which I just don't get.  I always wanted my stuff picked up and neat.  I wanted to be able to find what I wanted quickly.  My two kids could care less.  They have gotten grounded and had TV and video games taken away from them for messy rooms. It only works for a little while.   It is so frustrating!  Which I know in the big picture if that's the worst thing they are doing right now,  I should be grateful!

Here are a couple of ideas I found on Pinterest - where else?!

I figured this idea would help them stay organized.  I think once I organize it, I will take a picture for them to help them keep it this way.

I love the shelves about the toilet.  They don't have a huge bathroom, so this would help with storage.  

I love the look of these shelves too.  So clean and inviting and organized!  The small magazine rack is too cute!  Ha!

I love this sign.  They both loved to brush their teeth when they were little.  What happened?!?  They act like I am torturing them when I make them brush their teeth.  Preteens!

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