Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thank you Lord

On Thursday, the nurse at my school came and got me. You know that's never a good sign. She said that Eric had called and had an accident at work and was in the emergency room.
He didn't want to alarm me, but a machine exploded and metal went into his shoulder. What?!?!?
When I called him, he said the doctor was going to get it out and he was fine. He told me not to leave work. When I called him 2 hours later, he was still in the hospital - but prepping for surgery.
The doctor couldn't get the metal out. It was too far in. So Eric had to have surgery to get the metal out.
I was concerned at this point. But God is good. The surgeon got it out and Eric is sore, but fine.
The metal could have hit his neck or his eyes. The metal was 1/8 inch from his shoulder blade. God is good.

Here is Eric and the kids right after he got home. The kids were so glad to see their daddy. Eric looks a little rough! Ha!
I felt so bad for him. Surgery is no fun for anyone! But he is on the mend and we are grateful!

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Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad he is okay!! Let us know if you all need anything!

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