Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coupons and Saving

I have found a hobby - couponing and I love it!  I saw on this blog, Just wait Til You Have Kids,
a great way to organize my coupons.  I was using the binder method, but it just didn't work for me.  Using the shoe box is so much more easier and helpful.  Since I incorporated the shoe box, I have been a saving machine!

Today we had a rain day from school.  So I decided to go to the grocery store and to Wendy's   I saved $10.89 at the grocery store.  I only buy things we need or will use.  We needed razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, etc.  Those things really add up a lot of money.  So I was glad to use my coupons.

One coupon the cashier scanned said it was expired.  I looked at the date - 2/15/13 and showed her.  She just manually entered it.  I will say that using coupons does help Corbin and Allie not to bug me in the grocery store.  I just give each of them a coupon and let them get the item.  They are old enough to get the correct item, and it really teaches them about saving money. 

After our grocery shopping, I took them to Wendy's   I got Allie a kids meal for $1.99 and Corbin a single cheeseburger for free because I ordered fries and a drink.    I saved $5.09 at Wendy's. 

But best of all, Allie was cleaning out her backpack and found $5.  I am sure that this was lunch money that she forgot she had.  Ha!  I love finding money!

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