Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to school shopping - dressing an 8 year old girl

Well, it is almost school time here.  We start really early - first day is August 13.  There is already another school district nearby that started school last week.  I love shopping for my kids, but I think boys are easier.  Corbin doesn't really care what he wears as long as it's comfortable.  I don't have to worry about shorts being too short, tight, or showing booty with him.

With Allie, shopping can be a nightmare.  She is tall and long waisted.  A lot of girls' jeans are made to be low riders.  She can't get them on and if she can -watch out - her underwear may show when she's bending over.  We have a hard time finding jeans for her.

I was looking online at Gap and got some ideas for her.  I want her to look age appropriate, and I want her to be comfortable.  Here are some of my favorites from Gap:

Of course, her school has a dress code.  Which I am glad.  I would not care if they went to uniforms.  It would make my life easy in the mornings.  Ha!  I love these purple plaid Bermudas.  I think she could get a lot of wear from them.

I love these shirts - so feminine.

Adorable outfits for when the weather gets cooler!

My friends make fun of me for dressing Allie like me sometimes.  I wear a lot of cardigans.  Love this pink/gray striped one for her.  If they have my size, I might just get me one!  Ha!

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Michele said...

I love all of the clothes! I agree it's harder to dress girls (especially the older they get)!

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