Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Parenting School Age Children

Well, nobody said parenting got easier the older your children were.  For me, as my children grow up, it gets harder and more difficult.  Both of my children were good sleepers and happy babies.  I was blessed to have 4 grandparents that helped whenever I asked.  So that made my life easy.  But now, I have a 10 year old boy and an 8 year old girl.  I lay awake at night just thinking of things they could get into.  I know I am crazy.  So far, both of them are pretty good kids.  No perfect, but good overall.

I worry about my son playing too much video games and what effect that will have on him.  I know it is summer, but the other night he stayed up all night with a friend playing video games.  Of course, when I woke up at 7 AM and found out that he was just going to bed, I lost it.  I did let him sleep for 3 hours and then woke his butt up.  Ha!  I made him do his chores and go to his sister's piano lesson.  C said his friend's parent didn't care as long as his friend was entertained and also it is summer.  So now big deal!  I pointed out, I am your parent not that kid's parent.  So now, I have to worry when he goes to this friend's house.  Ha!  What else is no big deal to these parents?

For my daughter, I worry about "mean" girls.  You hear so much bad things on the news.  Allie is a good girl and has lots of good friends.  I know their parents and feel they pretty much believe as we do.  But I also teach middle school, and I know sometimes there is no rhyme or reason why girls get mad at each other.   I also know that some parents want to be friends with their kids and will let them have parties that involve underage drinking or not appropriate chaperoning.  How crazy is that?  That is such a huge liability.  Kids are kids.  They are going to try and do things.  If you are not watching them, oh my, what they can get into.  But the parties happen every weekend it seems.

My husband says I need to pray more and put it in God's hands.  I know that is true.  God does answer prays and will take care of them.  By the way, my husband is sound asleep when I am up pacing and can't sleep. Ha!   I actually get less sleep now than when my children were babies.  Crazy!  My husband and I also want to have open communication with them.  We want them to know there is nothing they can't talk to us about.  There will be consequences for behavior.  But we don't want them to hide anything from us. 

I just know that I love my children more than anything, and I just want the best for them.  I know this generation faces more than my generation. With technology, there is so much more for them to get into without even thinking about the consequences.  That's why - even though they are 10 and 8, I still talk with them about things I see on TV.  I talk to them about boyfriends and girlfriends and what is appropriate at their age.  I talk to them about saying, "No" and blaming us for anything.  I told C and A, use us to get out of situations.  Say, "My mom would kill me."  or "My dad would kick me out and make me leave with my grandparents."

As for now, I will continue to pray that they make good decisions and continue to have an open communication with them.  I know the Lord is in control of all things.

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Brandy said...

I know just how you feel! I worry about mean girls (my daughter is only 3) down the road and bad influences and all that stuff. It just seems like kids are growing up so much faster now. It makes me feel a little helpless in protecting my kids innocence. And my husband and I feel the same way about wanting our kids to feel comfortable talking about anything with us.

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